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Health Benefits

Have you heard about the French paradox? According to modern researches and statistics, in France, mortality from cardiovascular diseases is half the global average, despite the excess cholesterol in fatty and spicy French cuisine. According to all indicators, such a diet should have turned into a massive heart attack, stroke, and mass arthritis for the nation. The scientists who studied this interesting case called it the French paradox. In 1994, French scientists introduced the concept of Oenotherapy (the use of wine for therapeutic purposes) as a special section of clinical medicine.

It has been well documented that consuming wine in moderation can reduce death from vascular diseases and prolong life. Wine lowers low-density lipoproteins, the ‘bad cholesterol,’ and raises the high-density lipoproteins, or ‘good cholesterol.’ Wine has very strong antioxidants and prevents the formation of atheromatous plaque. It also acts as an anti-coagulant, which stops blood from forming clots.

Drinking wines helps internally with circulation and invigorating the blood. Wine reduces stress. Medicinal wines include specific herbal formulas which, depending on their action, can help our bodies recover faster from injuries or illnesses, improve blood circulation, reduce pain, normalize blood pressure, improve eyesight and memory, or prolong youth.