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History of Medicinal Wine making

Medicinal Wines, Tinctures, and Balms came to the modern world from ancient times. It is impossible to say exactly which country invented them. But most likely, one of the eastern countries became the homeland of these drinks. There is evidence that medicinal wines appeared 5,000-8,000 years ago. Medicinal wines and tinctures were known in China, Ancient Rome, Greece, and Middle Asia.

When Europe began to actively trade with the eastern countries, there was a real boom in the history of medical winemaking. At first, in the 12th century, doctors began to experiment with various herbs and spices. An important role in the development of the art of wine healing was made by monks. They were excellent healers and kept a huge number of medicinal wine recipes in their monastery books that herbalists still use today.

Medical wines are popular in Asia and among the population of Eastern Europe, Siberia, and the Far East. In Asia, medical wines can be bought ready-made, but the beauty of home winemaking is that you can control the strength of the drink and know what ingredients are in your wine. You can modify it for your own preference and needs.